To evoke delight in every guest and engage them entirely in our world.

If you’re a parent, you know how hard it is to find a space that will inspire your child’s’ creativity, boost their imagination, and allow them to run freely- especially in the gloomy months of winter.

Or on the quiet, gray, rainy days of spring.

Or those long, hot, humid days of summer.

Even more challenging is to find a place that will allow you—the parent—to get some much-needed rest, a delicious meal, and an opportunity to engage with other adults (while maybe catching up on some work).

To change this, Kidcadia will offer an innovative twist to the traditional indoor play center by providing all of these elements under one roof. This will allow for an unforgettable experience with the flexibility to enchant any visitor, regardless of age.

Imagine. Create. Play.

When children enter our world, 2 things will happen.

As quick as a sea breeze, they’ll let their imagination run free.

And, in the same blink of an eye, they’ll follow, running just as free.

The interior of our 10,000 square foot facility was demolished and built from the ground up, designed specifically to provide an unparalleled experience for children. Their eyes will be immediately drawn to our expansive play structure, which encompasses over 4500 ft.² of dedicated play space.

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General Admission


  • Children 24 months and older: $15.99
  • Children 12 months-23 months: $10.99
  • Children under 12 months: Free​
  • Parents or legal guardians are free with child admission.
  • Additional adults: $12.99

Good things happen over coffee.

Kidcadia was created as an escape. Most children will believe that it belongs to them (and we’re ok letting them believe that). Our space, however, was also built to be a destination for those who nurture them, physically and emotionally. Those who change their diapers, pick the peas out of their hair, and drive them to school on sleepy mornings. Caregivers can choose to chase their little ones straight into the play structure and show them that they still know how to play Tag, Hide and Seek, and Capture the Flag. Or they can choose to spend the afternoon coloring, relaxing and recouping.


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